• Be proud to be the students of JRS so as to be the ‘good-will’ a ambassadors of the disciplined citizens of tomorrow, you ought to follow our strict regulation.
  • A student should have respect towards the elders in general and no indecent words be used, both inside and outside the campus.
  • Conversing in English is compulsory.
  • Any case of offence or worse cases by the students that cause damage to the virtue of the institution will be seriously dealt with.
  • Students are not to keep any alliance with outside agencies without the knowledge of the Principal /Warden.
  • Students are not permitted to meet the visitors directly.
  • Eatables from outside are not allowed into the campus.
  • Punctuality is given utmost preference. Being late to attend any routine will be dealt as on offence.
  • The students are to keep the campus clean.
  • Talking loudly, shouting, engaging oneself in unnecessary talks is prohibited.
  • Absolute silence has to be maintained in the dining hall, prayer hall and study halls.
  • Prohibitive substances, non-vegetarian food etc., are not allowed inside the campus.
  • Destroying the school property will be seriously dealt with.
  •  A strict dressing code is followed in the campus.
  • The boarders should not go to other student’s cot and engage in unnecessary talks.
  • Avoid any kind of mischief inside the Campus.
  • Parents should not enter the hostel without the permission of the Warden or concerned authority.
  • No guardian or parent having consumed alcohol is allowed to enter the school premises. No one other than the parents are not allowed inside the campus without prior permission.
  • Teachers reserve the rights of correction of the student’s answer scripts. Parents are requested not to interfere unnecessarily. If they have a problem, they should approach the principal for clarification.
  • Letter writing is compulsory for all hostelites. Letter writing will be under supervision. Letters are to be addressed only to the parents / guardians.
  • After every vacation or break children have to report back to school on the date and time specified. It is compulsory that the children should be in proper school uniform while they are taken out as well as they return.
  • Rules & Regulations mentioned in the school diary should be strictly followed.
  • Maintain the dignity of the school.
  • Be regular and punctual to the class. We insist on 100% attendance. Shortage of attendance is viewed very seriously.
  • You are free and welcome to meet the teachers when you find any difficulty with the subject.
  • You are expected to participate in the co-curricular activities arranged by the school. This is essential for the overall development of your personality.
  • You are directed to see the Notice Board every day as day as any information you need to know will be displayed on it.
  • It is mandatory on the part of our students to attend all the tests and examinations. Absenting form the tests or examinations without valid reasons and prior permission calls for necessary action.
  • Parents are requested to strictly follow the school / hostel visiting timings. And also requested to visit only the parents, no relatives or third parties are allowed to meet the ward during the working hours. At the time of arrival or departure of wards, parents visit is a must. Letter of permission sent by the parents with third parties will not be entertained and school is not responsible for any such events. Parents or visitors are not allowed inside the campus after 5 p.m. And before 9 a.m.


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