Treasurer's Message

Mr.Ram-Devaiah-treasurerKnowledge has many forms and it is available at many places. It is acquired through education, information, intelligence, and experience. It is available in academic  institutions, with teacher, in libraries, in research papers, seminar proceedings and in various organizations and workplaces with workers, managers, in drawing in progress sheets and on the shop floors. Knowledge, through closely linked to education, comes equality from learning skills such as those possessed by our artists, craftsmen, housewives etc. Knowledge plays a very important role in their performance and output too. Our heritage and history, the rituals, epics and traditions that form part of our consciousness are also vast resources of knowledge as are our libraries and universities.

Knowledge has always been the prime mover of prosperity and power. The acquisition of Knowledge has therefore been the thrust area through the world. Being in such an age of knowledge, in Jnanaganga Residential School, efforts are always made to keep pace with the growing needs and to update the facilities provided to the students. The institution has earned, for its integrated approach to education and development of personality of young students.