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  • Acquire knowledge persistently in order to become an educated and cultured citizen.
  • Be Accurate in taking down notes, assignments for homework and schedules for the next lesson. Attempt homework unaided and keep parents well informed about the school assignments.
  • Cherish the honor of the nation School, family, and one's own and defended it by one's deed, work, and training.
  • Desist from the use of coarse expression bad language and all such activities which may affect self -honor and image.
  • Enter the classroom and take one’s place immediately after the bell rings. During the lesson, enter or leave classroom only when it is urgent and that too, with the teacher's permission.
  • Feel happy by being well-groomed and neatly dressed.
  • Greet fellow students, teachers, Principal, and elders with polite Be respectful to everyone.
  • Help old, the weak, the sick and small children.
  • Inculcate the habit of keeping your School Diary and Progress Report Card carefully and produce them whenever required.
  • Judge others not by their looks but by their work, manners, and helpful nature.
  • Keep your surroundings neat and tidy.
  • Lay aside Laziness launch a campaign for punctuality.
  • Maintain order and cleanliness at home and in the classroom.
  • Note down your difficulties and be ready for the lesson before the teacher arrives.
  • Obey the Instructions of the Principal and teachers of the School as well as of one's parents and senior.
  • Protect School Personal belongings and belongings of the others.
  • Queue up while awaiting your turn or when moving in the corridors of the School.
  • Remember to stand up when a teacher, the Principal or a visitor enters or leaves the room.
  • Sit upright during the It helps to concentrate on the lesson. Do not lean on the elbows or slouch.
  • Toil hard today as the student life is the only period to shape your destiny.
  • Underscore your goals and set your priorities and channelize all your energies towards their accomplishment.
  • Venerate respect for those who deserve it, rich or poor, weak, or strong. Never bend your knees before injustice.
  • Watch your words watch your actions and watch your thoughts so that no finger is pointed at you.
  • Yield the best in the worst circumstances as every experience teaches you something good.
  • Zap all the negative emotions as they are your own enemies.

Article 60. Code of Conduct for Students

The following acts and conduct on the part of the students will amount to misconduct

  • Misbehaviour towards teachers or any other employee of the school.
  • Intentional disturbance of classes.
  • Absence from classes without the permission of the teacher/Vice-Principal/Principal.
  • Bullying/intimidation of others.
  • Eve-teasing/misbehaviour towards girl-students.
  • Damaging/disfiguring school property.
  • Propagating a strike / disruption of classes.
  • Association with banned organizations.
  • Propagating communal / caste feeling amongst the students.
  • Indulging in physical violence in any manner.
  • Disobeying lawful orders of the teacher / Vice-Principal /Principal.
  • Bringing unauthorized people/articles inside the school.
  • Theft / pilferage of school / students' property.
  • Any behaviour unbecoming of a student.
  • Indulging in acts of moral turpitude.  

In above acts of misconduct, Principal shall take suitable action as per observations of the disciplinary committee depending on the gravity of the misconduct, which may include: 

  • Oral / written warnings to the student and parents.
  • Suspension from attending classes/school for a specified period.
  • Recovery of loss to school property.
  • Issue of Transfer Certificate.
  • Expulsion/rustication from school.